Nippers Summary

The club provides an extremely well organised and exciting program of activities for the younger members (commonly referred to as Nippers).

SLS Approved activities are available to male and females from the age of 6 through to 14 years of age.

Age groups from 8 to 14 participate in both water, beach and competition activities.

There are also activities for those boys and girls aged between 6 and 7 that do not involve water or competition based programs.

Each age group is under the control and direction of an Age Group Manager.  Each age group manager will have had to complete the SLSA standard "level one" coaching program. 
It is quite common that the Manager is a parent of one of the children from that age group and is, or has been, an active patrolling member of the club.

As well as surf and beach activities, all age groups above take part in the national Surf Education program. 
The children are involved in a series of structured learning activities focused on their understanding of safe beach and aquatic environments, survival skills in an aquatic environment together with basic first aid and resuscitation teaching programs.

The emphasis at Shellharbour Surf Club is learning skills in an enjoyable environment.  Although children are encouraged to participate in competition, the focus of our activities is one of learning. 

Upon reaching the age of 14 members then transfer through to the senior club.  Before doing so they will have attained skills that will enable them to be an integral part of the patrol roster system.  At the age of 15 a member can obtain their Bronze Medallion Award and become Active Members of the Surf Club.

Talk to a Nippers Committee member, or read the Gear, Activities or the Club Handbook.

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